HEIDEGGER: The Age of the World Picture

The Meditatione de prima pllilosophia provide the pattern for an ontology of the subjectum with respect to subjectivity de­ fined as conscientia, Man has become subjectum. Therefore he can determine and realize the essence of subjectivity:< always i.n keeping with the way in which he himself conceives and wills himself. Man as a rational being of the age of the Enlightenment is no less subject than is man who grasps himself as a nation, wills himself as a people, fosters himself as a race, and, finally, empowers himself as lord of the earth. Still, in all these fundamental positions of subjectivity, a different kind of I-ness and egoism is also possible; for man constantly remains determined as I and thou, we and you. Subjective egoism, for which mostly without its knowing it the I is determined beforehand as subject, can be canceled out through the insertion of the I into the we. Through this, subjectivity only gains in power. In the planetary imperialism of technologically organized man, the subjectivism of man attains its acme, from which point it will descend to the level of organized uniformity and there firmly establish itself. This uniformity becomes the surest instrument of total, i.e., technological, rule over the earth. DOWNLOAD FROM: THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT