LARUELLE: The Concept of a “First Technology”

A “unified theory,” without being an “ontic science,” is not however an “ontological science” in the sense that philosophy or metaphysics is. It represents the emergence of a new theoretical genre, neither philosophy or science but using them both along with essence and the scientific object, in relations which have become unintelligible to the most reflexive epistemology as well as the most positivist. The fact that it is one, without being a science in the classical or ordinary sense, is explained by the nature of its cause, the One: a unified theory under this form represents a transcendental usage of the sciences. This is a non-philosophical usage, because here the transcendental is no longer convertible with the metaphysical and does not claim to add or subtract anything from the sciences or to intervene in their practice. This is an immanent usage of the sciences and consequently leaves them in their current state; a new discipline which includes in it the concept of science but without philosophically dominating it or claiming to legislate over it anymore.

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